Town of Himara

Himara lies along the Ionian coast of Albania. It is situated in the southwestern part of the country, from the extreme south of Llogara Pass to Qeparo Mountain in southeast, with a straight length of 22 km. The town of Himara is the capital of the region that consists of Himara town along with 7 villages: Palasa, Drymades, Ilias, Vuno, Piluri, Kudhesi and Qeparo. Continuing south from the village of Vuno, visitors will come across the small town of Himara. The town consist of two main parts, the Old Himara situated on top of the Barbaka hill and the new part built of the gulf of Spile.

an ancient past

The inhabitants of Himara are predominantly Orthodox Christians and 85% of the municipality's population speak the Himariot dialect of Greek. This dialect has small variations in the way it is spoken in every town, especially in the accent. In the spring of 2006, a private Greek-language school opened in the town of Himara, at the precise location where the Orthodox missionary Cosmas the Aetolian founded the Acroceraunian School in 1770.

Himara’s geographical landscape consists of a snaking shape coastline, which with its capes and bays, has a total of about 37 km. It is high, rocky, with steep vertical cliffs above the sea, together with many bays in the form of wonderful gravel beaches. The total length of coastline, rocky coast and clefts is about 26 km, while the gravel beaches nearby have a total of some 11 km. Having a long coastline full of contrasts and natural beauties, Himara has the best qualities for a sustainable tourism.

Himara regional area has a Mediterranean climate. It is characterized by a very wet and mild winter, with almost no negative freezing temperatures; by a dry and hot summer, with insignificant rainfall; by an unstable spring which combines shortly with the hot summer, and especially by a fairly long dry autumn (September-October), which is warmer than spring. The average temperature in summer reaches 25.5 °C. The maximum temperatures go up to 36-42 °C. The most common minimum temperatures range from +1.5 -2 °C but in certain cases they can further decrease.

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